What new e-readers and trends for 2024?

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

new ereaders in 2024

As the year starts, it's time to focus on what's in store for 2024 in terms of e-readers, with new models expected soon.

Two new Kobo e-readers

It's no secret that Kobo will soon be offering a new e-reader.

From what little information has leaked out, it's likely to be two e- readers to replace the Kobo Sage and the Kobo Libra 2.

But the Kobo Nia is an aging e-reader (released 3 years ago) that will need updating to compete with the much better Kindle and the new Pocketbook Verse.

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New color e-readers

Color e-readers were the talk of the town in 2023, and we can expect new releases in 2024.

On the one hand, new e-ink color displays have only just arrived on the market. These include the Pocketbook Viva (with its Gallery 3 screen) and the very recent Pocketbook InkPad Color 3 with its latest-generation Kaleido 3 screen.

On the other hand, several color e-readers announced for 2023 have had very limited releases, and we can expect some of these models to be available again in 2024 (I'm thinking of e-readers from the Onyx and iReader brands, for example).

As usual, innovation will undoubtedly come from Asian brands, who won't hesitate to offer new e-readers with the latest-generation color screens.

A new Kindle?

It seems appropriate for Kindle to release one or more new e-readers in 2024.

The Kindle Oasis is quite old, and it would be interesting to propose a new version with a better screen and, why not, a color screen. However, I think it unlikely that this will happen (a color screen for a Kindle) for cost reasons.

Another possibility: a new Kindle Paperwhite with a newer screen or more storage is also on the cards, although this hypothesis seems less likely to me.

Productivity machine: a growing trend

Like every year, we can expect to see the arrival of *new ebook reading machines for the workplace with productivity tools.

As with the Kindle Scribe, the ReMarkable 2 or Kobo Elipsa 2E, these machines feature large 10-inch screens (sometimes up to 13.3 inches), a stylus and the tools to work with them.

These machines use an e ink screen and sometimes an Android system that enables the installation of third-party reading or productivity applications.

The year 2024 should once again bring us interesting new models in this product range.

New Pocketbook e-readers

Like every year, Pocketbook is going to offer us new e-readers.

These will undoubtedly be models with color screens or top-of-the-range models. It should be noted that the recent Pocketbook Viva is not yet available. It could therefore arrive in early 2024.

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