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If you want to read a lot more, you will have to turn to digital reading. Today, it is possible to use websites to download free ebooks, comics but also audio books.

This article gathers the best websites to download free books in English and also in other languages.

These lists are not exhaustive, but they allow access to a large number of freely accessible contents. A video explaining all of this:

Download free books in English

Download free books in French

Download free comic books in English (manga, comics)

You can find many online comic books for free download on this list of websites:

Download free audiobooks in English and other languages

If you practice English or another language and want to learn and develop your listening skills, you can also download free audio books in English from these sites :

Download free audiobooks in French

If you want to enjoy your free time by listening to books in French, here is a list of websites that will allow you to download and listen to audio books for free:

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