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What is myereader.net ?

Myerader.net is a website that offers you information, e-reader reviews, the e-book market and brands, companies and services that provide reading facilities on modern devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, e-book readers, etc.).

The site offers the following:

  • hardware tests (e-reader reviews)
  • news
  • (rare) scoops (thanks to industry links with Bookeen, Vivlio, Youboox, etc.)
  • good deals and discounts when they are put online by e-commerce sites
  • a Youtube channel with many videos about e-readers
  • a buying guide updated several times a month to help you choose your e-reader

Relationships with the e-reader industry

Although the editors sometimes exchange with the companies that design the e-readers, the site does not receive any money from them.

Myereader.net is therefore totally independent, which sometimes makes it difficult to access certain models of e-readers that we have to buy or borrow to test.

Team: editor-in-chief and contributors

The site was created by Nicolas Lorenzon in 2022. It is an extension of the French site Liseuses.net created in 2012 to offer an expertise in English on the world of digital reading.

Nicolas Lorenzon realizes almost all the articles and tests with the collaboration of external contributors when possible: Laurent, Adeline, Steve and Christophe for the reviews of chinese e-readers.

The website welcomes external editors but Nicolas Lorenzon remains the chief editor and intervenes to ensure the quality of the content proposed on the website.

You can contact Nicolas on Linked In and on Instagram.

How does the site earn money?

We all have a job on the side and it's mainly the passion that allows us to continue (and the always numerous encouragements of the readers).

The operating costs (e-readers, technical, hosting, webdesign, development and material for shooting videos and photos) come from different things:

  • the different affiliation programs that allow to get a small commission on the sales
  • the advertising
  • the french version of the website (wich remains the first income)

Become an advertiser on the site

If you want to advertise on the site, you can contact us.

Contact the site

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to send us information.

Also, you can send us your links if you have a site that talks about e-readers, or if you have published a test on a site.

We want to be open and we think that there is no competition on the web but only partners.

You can contact us by sending a message to this address: contact@myereader.net

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


nicolas lorenzon

Recognizing the need for an informed and reliable source for eReader-related content, Nicolas created MyEreader.net, where he currently serves as the lead writer. His well-crafted articles cover a wide range of topics, including eReader reviews, comparisons between various devices, tips for optimizing reading experiences, and discussions on the future of digital reading. Read more here

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