Best used e-reader in 2024

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

best used e-reader

E-readers are very solid devices, and I don't think it's a bad idea to buy a used or reconditioned one.

In fact, I've had e-readers in good working order for over 10 years.

Among the e-readers I've used a lot, we can note a Kindle Paperwhite used intensively for 2 years, a Pocketbook Touch Lux 5 (also 2 years) and now I read on Kobo Libra 2 almost every day since its release.

By browsing the classified ads sites or the used and refurbished pages of the major e-commerce sites, you can find many models of e-reader at good prices.

Here are the e-reader models you can buy used in 2024

I've put together a selection of the best e-readers to buy new, and it's clear that if you can find one of these models cheap, it's a great opportunity.

Here's my selection of the best values (because they're good e-readers):

Here are some interesting and more or less recent e-reader models that you can find second-hand for less than new:

Used e-readers to watch out for

There are also e-readers whose version is difficult to determine precisely.

Sellers sometimes don't even know which version they're selling.

Among these readers, I recommend that you beware of the Kindle and Kindles Paperwhite with 6-inch screens.

It's hard to know exactly which model you're buying until you actually get your hands on it. It could be a recent model or an older one. See how to find the version of a Kindle e-reader here.

A few tips before buying a used e-reader

Before buying a second-hand e-reader, here's what you need to ask the seller:

  • The exact version of the e-reader (name, brand and generation for Kindle e-readers): see how to find the version of a Kindle e-reader here
  • The state of the battery
  • Whether a protective cover is sold with the e-reader (this can be a plus, as a new protective cover can cost $30)
  • General condition of the case
  • Screen condition (scratches, poor lighting, etc.)

If you can, also ask whether the e-reader has been transported a lot (public transport, for example).

Generally speaking, a e-reader that has been kept at home has a better chance of being in good condition.

You should also ask about the price of the new e-reader or the new price of its replacement model.

For example, the Kobo Clara HD has been replaced by the Kobo Clara 2E. The Pocketbook Touch Lux 4 has been replaced by the Pocketbook Touch Lux 5, and so on.

If you put forward the argument that the e-reader is no longer on the market and that a new version exists, it may be easier to negotiate a good price.

If you're looking for a new e-reader, take a look at our guide to the best e-readers.

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