Kindle Scribe: not that great...

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Kindle Scribe

It was bound to happen: Amazon is also launching a large-format e-reader with a note-taking function with the Kindle Scribe and its large 10.2-inch screen.

For once, Amazon is obliged to react by offering a machine that competes with the Bookeen Notéa and the Kobo Elipsa.

So the Kindle Scribe is a reading and working machine. Thought as a tool that will allow you to be productive as well as to relax, the Kindle Scribe therefore comes with a stylus that will allow you to take notes and scribble on your electronic documents.

Certainly the screen should do wonders, especially for fans of manga and PDF documents.

The promise of having a stylus without batteries or batteries that is as comfortable to use as a competing stylus is appealing.

People who work in an environment where they have to work, proofread and edit a lot of documents will probably be interested in this machine.

But, if it's just about reading, the price of $369.99 for the 16GB version will put off many book lovers.

Indeed, there are e-readers for less than $200 that do very well for reading ebooks without any headache.

The price is too high for me to buy this Kindle Scribe. So I am unlikely to offer a full review, let alone a comparison with other e-readers. If you only need a Kindle e-reader for ebooks, I think the Kindle Paperwhite is a better alternative.

The e-reader is available and you can learn more about it on Amazon's website if you are interested in this type of device: see all the info about the Kindle Scribe.

eReader : Kindle Scribe
Kindle Scribe
Imagekindle scribe e-reader
Screen size10.2"
Resolution1860 x 2480 pixels
Storage16 - 64 Go
Pen / StylusYes
SD cardNo
Ebook formatsKindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI unprotected, PRC ; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EPUB (converted)
Blue light filterYes
OtherCompatible with Microsoft Office Doc and Docx format (Word software)
ReviewExpensive eReader with large screen. A device better suited for work as a note taking device ⭐⭐⭐