Top 29 advantages of using an e-reader and reading ebooks

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why buy a e-reader?

There are still a few readers who aren't convinced by the benefits of e-readers. So let's take a look at the good reasons for switching to digital reading and using e-readers and ebooks.

In recent years, e-readers have come a long way, offering ever more interesting features: huge storage capacity, waterproofing, blue light filter, HD screen, lighting, etc.

Why use a e-reader?

So, if you're wondering why you should buy an e-reader, here are the reasons why you should switch to digital reading, e-readers and ebooks:

  1. Font choice for more comfortable reading
  2. If you're dyslexic, there's a font you can use to help you: Open Dyslexic.
  3. Unlike paper books, if you don't like the typeface, line spacing or font size, you can change it.
  4. You can keep all the books you've read, even the not-so-good ones, without having to set aside an entire room for your library.
  5. You can walk around with dozens, even thousands of digital books in your bag. Try doing that with paper books!
  6. You can read a shameful book (Harry Potter when you're over forty or Fifty Shades of Grey) without the people around you knowing what you're reading.
  7. If you're in the mood for a book, you launch the e-reader, select the book from the built-in bookshop, and one minute later you're reading. Ideal for book series!
  8. Having a e-reader and e-books means you can make space at home and avoid cluttering your shelves with books you've already read and aren't sure you'll ever read again.
  9. You can read by the water or in the bath with a waterproof e-reader (or by the pool or on the beach) without fear of damaging the book.
  10. You don't have to worry about damaging a book by nicking it or "breaking" the binding.
  11. You never lose your bookmarks, because the e-reader remembers them.
  12. You can start a book on your e-reader, continue it on your computer and finish it in the post office queue on your smartphone.
  13. You can highlight extracts and passages in a book and easily find them again later.
  14. As you can carry several books in your e-reader at the same time, you'll never again have to worry about finishing a book on a long train or plane journey when you've got nothing left to read (how sad when that happens).
  15. The integrated dictionary lets you find the definition of a word very quickly.
  16. Reading ebooks makes learning foreign languages easier, with quick access to definitions.
  17. You can easily download foreign-language books onto your e-reader.
  18. You can read your PDF work documents without having to print them, which is good for the planet.
  19. If you find an Internet link in a book and your e-reader is connected by Wifi, you can directly consult the page without having to find a computer or open your smartphone.
  20. If you lose your e-reader, you don't lose your book, and you can download it again. But for peace of mind, it's best to make regular back-ups.
  21. Digital books are cheaper
  22. If you're a heavy reader, you'll save money with a e-reader - not to mention on furniture.
  23. Excellent reading comfort.
  24. You can read in the dark with the built-in light.
  25. You can read in bed without disturbing your partner with the same lighting.
  26. A e-reader takes up less space than a book, and can be easily stored in a bag.
  27. You can easily transport books, even those not yet available in pocket format at the time of their release.
  28. You only need to recharge your e-reader once a month (unlike a tablet or smartphone).
  29. You can download extracts from books before you buy them, from the comfort of your own home.

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