What is FastGLR on color Kobo e-readers?

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

kobo fastglr on color e-reader

The new Kobo color e-readers are equipped with a system called FastGLR. But what is it and why is it important on a color e-reader?

The new Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour e-readers both use the latest generation Kaleido 3 e ink color display.

This screen can be set differently by the e-reader manufacturer, depending on what you want to display.

We can imagine a setting with very good color rendering but a low refresh rate or, on the contrary, fair color rendering but a screen that displays information quickly (text and images) but with ghosting.

Kobo has therefore worked with E Ink to develop a system that delivers a fast refresh rate while displaying correct and vivid colors: FastGLR.

It's this kind of software technology that sets Kobo apart from the competition when it comes to making e-readers.

It's also the reason why all e-reader brands have different text displays, even though they use the same hardware screen supplied by E Ink (the company that markets e-ink screens): they use different softwares.

It's worth noting that this isn't the only company to have done this, since the Bigme and Onyx brands already offer tools for making the most of Kaleido screen technologies (color e-ink).

One example is Onyx's "Super Refresh BSR". This system is also used on color e-readers to improve color rendition while maintaining smoothness of the screen refresh.

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