Is it better for eyes to read on Kindle or iPad?

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ipad reading on a ipad

If you want to read ebooks, you're probably wondering which device is better for your eyes: a Kindle or an iPad?

Either you've decided to take the plunge and switch to reading ebooks, or you want to know if it is worth buying a Kindle if you have an iPad.

Either way, congratulations! You're reading books, and that's the most important thing.

Kindle and iPad: two different technologies

The iPad is a much more complete device than the e-reader.

Not only can you read ebooks, but also have fun (video, games, music), work (word processing software), take photos and surf the web.

The Kindle is a much simpler device, optimized for reading ebooks.

What's more, a Kindle e-reader is also less expensive than an iPad: you can check prices on Amazon.

So, the Kindle and the iPad are two very different tools. Even if you can do many things with iPad, the Kindle has one major advantage for reading ebooks: its e-ink screen.

The Kindle: a screen that's much better for the eyes

kindle paperwhite

The Kindle's e-ink screen is designed to mimic a paper printout.

As a result, the pages of text displayed on your e-reader give you a reading sensation very close to that experienced when reading a paper book.

What's more, the iPad's lighting is very aggressive on the eyes. In fact, its illumination is placed under the screen, which means that the light reaches your retina directly (and with a certain intensity).

This is not the case with a e-reader, which has a different type of lighting placed on the edges of the screen, which first illuminates the screen, as you can see in the diagram below:

lighting on e ink screen

The result is simple: reading on a Kindle is far less tiring on the eyes than reading on an iPad. This scientific study explains why :

Harvard Study Shows E Ink’s ePaper Is Up to Three Times Healthier for Your Eyes Than LCD Screens

Even better: you can read on a Kindle with the lighting switched off - something you can't do on an iPad.

Simply put: you can read for hours on a Kindle without experiencing eyestrain, which is not possible with an iPad.

Kindle: other benefits of the e-reader

In addition to having an e-ink screen better suited to reading and a lower price, the Kindle e-reader also has another advantage: [it has a much longer battery life].

A simple recharge of a Kindle e-reader takes a few hours, and you'll be able to read ebooks for weeks.

An iPad discharges very quickly, and you'll need to recharge it several times a week.

Yes, it better for eyes to read on Kindle

comic book on kindle ereader

In conclusion, here's why reading on a Kindle e-reader is better for your eyes:

  • The e-ink screen mimics paper and doesn't tire the eyes
  • The battery life of a Kindle is much longer than that of an iPad.
  • A Kindle costs less than an iPad

If you already have an iPad and you're looking for a more comfortable reading experience, you can buy a Kindle e-reader on Amazon.

You should also know that there's more than just the Kindle e-reader out there: on this site, you'll find a guide to the best current e-readers of all brands, if you want to buy a model that's right for you.

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