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pocketbook touchscreen settings

Pocketbook e-readers have the most comprehensive software available. It's so complete that you often miss out on some very interesting features. In this article, I'll explain how to set and customize the touchscreen on your Pocketbook ereader.

On Pocketbook e-readers, you can configure the touch screen in reading mode to add actions to be performed when you touch it.

For example, you can tell the ereader to display the next page of the ebook if you touch the right-hand side of the screen. You can also tell it to display the text settings menu when you touch the bottom of the screen - and so on.

It's even possible to deactivate the reader's touch functions, which can be interesting since Pocketbook ereaders have buttons underneath the screen.

So, to adjust the touch screen, you first need to go to Settings and display this screen:

pocketbook touchscreen settings

Then press Personalize to display this new screen:

pocketbook touchscreen settings

Select Gestures in Reading mode:

pocketbook touchscreen settings

This is where you can assign actions for all the Pocketbook eReader's touch capabilities in reading mode (i.e. when you're reading an ebook).

You can change the swiping behavior.

But even more interestingly, you can change all gestures on different parts of the screen by selecting Configure Tap Gestures:

pocketbook touchscreen settings

Each area of the screen can then be configured to suit your needs.

To change the behavior of any area of the screen, simply press on it and select the option that suits you best:

pocketbook touchscreen settings

You can then totally modify the behavior of the e-reader's touch functions!

As you can see, Pocketbook e-readers are very complete and well thought-out.

A word of warning: even if your e-reader has physical buttons and you want to deactivate the touchscreen, I recommend that you leave a touch zone active so that you can quickly access the home screen.

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