Vision Pro and ebook reading: Apple's sad vision

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

apple vision pro is a sad device for ebook lovers

You've probably read or heard about the Apple Vision Pro. This device is an immersive headset that lets you work and play. But what about reading and ebooks ?

What is the Vision Pro?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I confess to having trouble describing the Apple Vision Pro properly.

On the one hand, even though I haven't tested it, I can see where Apple is going with this new device. On the other hand, I'm having trouble finding the right words and vocabulary to describe the Vision Pro's features.

So, let me say that the Vision Pro is a headset that adds digital information to your environment.

In practice, when you wear this headset, you can bring up an Internet browsing window (Safari) in your living room. You'll then see the Internet page "floating" above your table or displayed against a wall in your apartment.

You can then access a wide range of applications: professional tools (word processing, spreadsheets), entertainment (video) or social networking.

The applications are designed for the Vision Pro, and even if they're not all available, Apple has done the work for its video application, which lets you watch a movie sitting in a cinema or in the countryside of Yosemite Park.

Apple Vision Pro and reading: is it possible?

Apple offers an Internet browser from the Vision Pro. This browser is based on Safari, which can read epub files, but transfers them to the Apple Books application (formerly iBooks).

Unfortunately, Apple didn't see fit to launch its Vision Pro with a dedicated Apple Books application.

And it's a fine example of the sad reality that Apple is once again neglecting reading on one of its devices.

So, you'll have to use the Apple Books app for iPad on your Vision Pro to start reading your ebooks.

Apple Books for iPad on Apple Vision Pro

The page size can then be perfectly adjusted with the right settings to make reading more enjoyable.

But the Apple Books application is designed for the iPad. And it's far from being one of the best ebook-reading apps for tablet or smartphone (check out this list if you're looking for something good).

What we end up with is an ebook-reading application that doesn't fully utilize the capabilities of its medium, as is often the case with Apple.

Also, there's no Youtube or Netflix application on Vision Pro (for the moment), and you have to use these services in your browser.

So I'm wondering about the future availability of Kindle or Kobo applications on Vision Pro. Will this be possible?

For the time being, we'll have to make do with the iPad versions of these reading applications on the Vision Pro, but if it proves successful, it'll be interesting to see what Kindle or Kobo come up with in terms of reading immersion.

I think the Vision Pro offers an interesting and immersive technology for reading comics and manga, and I hope Apple will take advantage of this device to experiment in this area (which I doubt, of course).

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