Readmoo prepares the first folding color e-reader

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readmoo folding color e-reader

Readmoo is an Asian company that is starting to make a name for itself by adopting the latest technologies available to offer innovative reading machines.

After announcing the Readmoo MooInk Plus 2C and its new Kaleido 3 screen, the company presented a prototype of a color e-reader with a folding screen designed in collaboration with the company E Ink, which offers the e-ink screen based on Gallery 3 technology.

Not only is the screen foldable, but it is also color, with a diagonal of 8 inches and uses Gallery 3, a new way to display colors with electronic ink. It is thus a real innovation which is proposed here for a reader whose use will be undoubtedly dedicated to the mobile readers.

Indeed, a screen of 8 inches offers a nice reading surface for a maximum comfort. The fact that this machine folds on itself - like the recent smartphones proposed by Samsung - makes the reader much easier to carry.

One can easily imagine folding it and storing it in one's bag at the end of reading in transportation.

A foldable machine also has another advantage: the screen is protected when you are not reading. So there should be no need to add protection to the screen to keep it in shape (or a protective cover).

The Galery 3 screen (based on ACeP: Advanced Color ePaper) will offer color display, which makes this machine particularly attractive.

All this is as exciting as it is intriguing, although we'll have to judge it on the spot. We know that smartphones that use foldable screens tend to be quite thick when folded. We may have this same feature with this Readmoo reader. If this is the case, it could affect the compactness of the machine and therefore make it less useful and easy to store.

Still, this is only a prototype and, as always, it may never see the light of day. Readmoo and E Ink are nevertheless reassuring, because for both companies this is a reading device that will demonstrate their technological know-how.

A know-how that could pave the way for other ever more innovative readers.

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