Bookeen Notéa: the e-reader from France soon available again!

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

Bookeen Notéa e-reader notbook from France

The Bookeen Notéa is a very successful machine in France and, to a lesser extent, in Europe. As a result, it is regularly out of stock and very difficult to find!

Bookeen Notéa: a success... then difficulties

After a successful launch in France, the Bookeen Notéa managed to convince not only readers but also professionals from all walks of life.

With the ability to take notes on PDF documents, this machine has proven to be a valuable ally in the professional world where proofreading and editing documents is a daily task.

In addition to its notepad functions, the large 10.3-inch screen allows demanding fans of novels and manga to sit at home and enjoy their favorite works in excellent conditions.

This was enough to make people jump on this machine, as it was quickly sold out at Bookeen and later everywhere in France.

We had to wait a few months to see new copies put on the market, which were also quickly sold out. All this was in 2021...

Then, Bookeen encountered difficulties and was bought by Vivlio.

Bookeen Notéa soon available with software updates

Months have passed at Vivlio and a large part of the Bookeen team has been able to take its marks within the Lyon-based structure.

Today Bookeen (by Vivlio) is ready to relaunch its flagship e-reader model as the return of the Bookeen Notéa is announced for the coming weeks at all usual Vivlio retailers.

In addition to a new availability of the machine at a price of $419 ($400 - $450), the technical teams are also working on software updates that will apply to all owners of this Bookeen Notéa.

In the US, it is a very rare reading machine that is hard to get. But if you are interested in this kind of digital notebook, you can look at the Kobo Elipsa 2E and the Kindle Scribe.

You can look at the French review here :

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